Plum Surprised

Has anyone else noticed that our “shelter in place” status caused food to be a source of entertainment? We played a lot of cards but we’ve made A LOT of food – and it’s not like it just sits there on the counter looking pretty – eating has become entertainment. We had fun experimenting and … More Plum Surprised


I am so enjoying my new dog, Ollie. We’ve been working together on his training and for the most part, he’s doing great. I have full confidence that in time, he will be everything I want Him to be. However for now, every day is different. The biggest frustration I have with him is that … More SQUIRREL

Corona Crazy

  This whole experience of sheltering at home will definitely go down in the history books. I, like everyone else have tried to be as creative as possible to make the time enjoyable. Books, card games, new recipes, Tiger King (I’m still trying to figure out why everyone likes this show), and OLLIE. Ollie is … More Corona Crazy

Corona Crazy

You may have noticed that I took a little time away from my weekly video and blog. Truth is, I’m supposed to be in Fiji right now – I had a spa day arranged for this very day. But then life happened…er should I say Corona happened. I was sure I heard from God and … More Corona Crazy

Follow the Signs

Yes I’m on vacation, and yes I wasn’t planning on blogging this week…until this happened: Packing for vacation can be a challenge. Especially when you’re not completely familiar with the climate of your destination or exactly sure what you’re actually going to do when you get there. I’m working on not having every moment planned … More Follow the Signs