A Tribute to Millie

Our Christmas vacation in LA took a crazy turn when we received news that there was something wrong with Millie. It was thought that she was having abandonment anxiety. Trembling, whining, not eating. Her symptoms grew worse and it was all I could do to get home to her on Christmas Day. I found her … More A Tribute to Millie


I was listening to a story on the radio while driving home from work the other day. A student had written a letter in praise of his teacher. The student shared that if you met his teacher, he would be so kind to you – not because someone was looking but because he would want … More A GOOD POUR

Walking it Out

Sometimes I get grief for being “overly positive”, but believe me, I have my share of struggles as well. Today I feel like I have stuff coming at me from all directions – I think this is referred to as stress. So how does the one who continually tells everyone that ANY day can be … More Walking it Out

Just Thinking…

I  had a thought the other day while talking with Hero Husband: As Christians, we’ve become comfortable with sharing our prayer needs with our church family, Bible study group or our close friends. “I’m not feeling well, my friend has cancer, I have a financial need, my son is in trouble”…the list is endless. What’s … More Just Thinking…