Did You Really Fail?

I mentioned last week that I participated in a unique experience called “The Gathering Table”. Hero Husband and I met with a small group of strangers to partake in a beautiful meal, and a discussion on the topic of failure. We both came away from the experience with a new perspective and encouragement in our … More Did You Really Fail?

Not So Hidden Treasure

I recently discovered some hidden treasure…seriously. I purchased tickets for  an unusual event in Bentonville, Arkansas called “The Gathering Table”. It’s a dinner prepared for up to twelve people with the sole purpose of discussing a topic while enjoying some spectacular local food. I grabbed Hero Husband and we hit the road. We arrived to … More Not So Hidden Treasure

Get In The Car

My morning devotion outlined how God has chosen me. I John 3:1 tells me that God loves me so much He called me to be His child; I Peter 2:9 tells me that God has called me from the darkness into the light; Ephesians 3:19 tells me that God’s love for me is so wonderful … More Get In The Car

Just One Touch

Here we are – right smack in the middle of the Christmas season. Are you up to your eyeballs with things you HAVE to do, things you NEED to do, and things you WANT to do (if you can only find time time)? Stop right now, yes RIGHT NOW and take a deep breath. It’s … More Just One Touch


It’s been awhile since I’ve had a beauty product foible, so I guess I was due. Hero Husband and I did a little shopping last weekend and took advantage of the Bath and Body sale. I got up to the register and they invited me to grab one more item as my “free gift”.  There … More Lotion???