This week I’m playing with Fashionista Daughter…Please enjoy some Outside of Ordinary insight from BFF: Guest Blogger: Celeste Jackson Do you ever feel stuck? You know, comfortably stuck, like Winnie the Pooh got stuck looking for that honey in his comfort zone? Who doesn’t like to be comfortable? I like my life to be steady … More Stuck?

9000km From Ordinary

Please welcome our guest blogger from My Red Travel Shoe, as she shares the first big step out of her circle ordinary – traveling from Budapest, Hungary to attend school in Flagstaff, Arizona.  This young lady is incredible, and I hope she will share more of her stories with us in days to come – enjoy! 2007, … More 9000km From Ordinary

Creating Monsters

Well I did it. I created 5 little monsters. How does one create 5 little monsters you ask?  It is as easy as 1,2,3. Listen to excessive whining about life being unfair that your child does not have a phone like everyone else. Buy said phone for not one child but 5 children. (It would … More Creating Monsters