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Outside of Ordinary is Lori’s forum to bring joy, hope and encouragement to your day or maybe just a moment.

Any ordinary person, ordinary day, or ordinary moment can become extraordinary when someone steps out of their circle of expectation.

What appears to be an ordinary day can change in a flash when you change your perspective:

-look at that flower!

-look at that person’s eyes!

– try something new

-really listen to the lyrics of the song

-really taste the food

-just stop, and breathe

– accept the love that’s being offered

-choose to be kind

The list is endless, the possibilities are amazing, and the adventures exhilarating. Lori wants to take you on a journey as she tells the stories of her day to day encounters, to not only bring a spark of joy, but to challenge you to see your own life in maybe a new way. Who doesn’t love to find a great big package on their doorstep…God gives you a new one with every sun rise. It’s called TODAY.

Let’s take a step out of the circle and tear into it together.

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Lori Klickman-


Lori Klickman is a wife of her Hero Husband, Keith, mother of U.S. Army Captain Joel and Fashionista Grace; speaker, author, teacher, actress, blogger and oh yes…that full time job – insurance agent.

She hails from Rockford, Illinois but has lived in Grove, Oklahoma since 1991. She has dabbled in a lot of different areas throughout her life but her passions rest in 10 years of youth ministry, performing in a collection of community plays, teaching Sunday School, and serving as the Drama Ministry Director at Grove’s First Christian Church. Lori has worked for a State Farm Agency in Grove for almost 22 years.

In her “spare” time, Lori is producing Women’s Conferences, and speaking at various events – encouraging others to “step outside their circle of expectation”.

Lori loves to laugh and she LOVES to tell stories. She is passionate about encouraging others and spreading HOPE wherever she goes. And go…,she does just that as she also loves to travel and experience every adventure she can find. When she can’t jump on a plane she loves to experiment in the kitchen, entertain her friends (with all those experiments) and dig in the garden – her little piece of heaven.

Life is so much fun!!!

Lori has recently published her first book “Dumpster Diving”.

Email: outsideofordinary.lori@gmail.com


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