I am so enjoying my new dog, Ollie. We’ve been working together on his training and for the most part, he’s doing great. I have full confidence that in time, he will be everything I want Him to be. However for now, every day is different. The biggest frustration I have with him is that … More SQUIRREL

Packets of Love

I ran across an interesting concept the other day. A student who came from a very unconventional family of 17 children made a comment that the reason she was so well balanced is that she learned to accept love even when it didn’t come in the expected packages. And when it came, no matter how … More Packets of Love

Corona Crazy

  This whole experience of sheltering at home will definitely go down in the history books. I, like everyone else have tried to be as creative as possible to make the time enjoyable. Books, card games, new recipes, Tiger King (I’m still trying to figure out why everyone likes this show), and OLLIE. Ollie is … More Corona Crazy