Grab Your T-Shirt For The Live It Up Conference.


Don’t forget to grab your super comfy T-Shirts for the Live It Up Conference in Fort Smith! Not to brag but last year people told us these T-Shirts were the most comfortable T-Shirts they have ever owned. We strongly recommend that you pre-order your T-Shirts online (below) and pick them up at the conference. T-Shirts will be available for purchase at the conference, but size availability may be limited. 

IMPORTANT NOTES: All Sales Are Final. The shirt are $15.00 online and will be $18.00 at the conference. Deadline for pre-ordering shirts is February 15th. The shirts run small.

Why do we think you should grab a shirt for yourself, your sister, your brother and all of your cousins too? Because T-Shirts are great for so many things and just to list a few:

To wear when…

1.  you go for a walk
2. you get some groceries
3. you are working out
4. you are eating cereal in the morning
5. you are cooking a family meal
6. you are sleeping
7.  you are walking your favorite dog(s)
8. to have Lori sign it! T-Shirts are great autograph vessels.
9. you are coming to the Live It Up Conference

additional pants are recommended**

Order You Shirt now! Available sizes


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So many reasons and many more, but the question is:
Why would you deprive yourself from the most comfortable T-Shirt people have ever worn?

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