Food Truck Menu – Live It Up Conference

Potlickers (cash only)

Hamburgers $5.00

Walking Tacos $5.00

Lemonade $2.00

Tea $2.00

Pop $2.00

Nacho Bzzzness  (cash only)

Chicken Fajita Wrap with

Santa Fe Black Beans & 

Roasted Corn Rice

 Includes water or tea $6.00 

The Traveling Pig  (accepts credit cards)


Pulled pork sandwich $6.00

With chips & drink $8.00

Ginger Jake’s (accepts credit cards)

Quarter Pound Gourmet Hot Dogs

The Classic   $3

with Mustard & Relish

Chili Dog with Cream Cheese, Chili,    $4

Shredded Cheese, and Diced Onion

PBR    $4

with Peanut butter,

Bacon, and Raspberry Jelly

Slaw Dog     $4 

with Coleslaw

New York Dog     $4 

with Spicy Mustard, Sauerkraut

Pizza Dog     $4 

with Marinara Sauce, Pepperoni, 

Mozzarella Cheese, and

Italian Seasoning

Live It Up Dog     $5

With any combination of the above


Add chips and a drink     $1

Chips, Pickles, Pop & Water     $1

The Ropin Flamingo (credit cards .50 extra)

Italian ice and fruit whipped

like ice cream

(dairy and gluten free) $3.00/ $5.00 / $7.00

Ice tea or Lemonade

with any flavor

Italian Ice $3.00 / $5.00





Green Apple

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