Take My Hand

Hey Outside of Ordinary followers! I’m thrilled to announce my Life Coaching business is up and running. I have a new site I would love for you to follow on Facebook: Take My Hand Coaching My life coaching blogs that I’ve shared will be posted there from now on. And many other current and relatable … More Take My Hand

Lights, Camera, Action!

An important discovery when Life Coaching a client to find their purpose is unearthing blockades. Those are barriers that keep us from living fully, loving deeply, trusting others, being authentic, and serve outside ourselves.  Blockades can be motives we use positively and negatively. It can be fears that stop us in our tracks or unresolved … More Lights, Camera, Action!

Gifted, Part Two

My last blog relayed general information and biblical description of Spiritual Gifts. If you haven’t read that first, you might take a moment and review Gifted, Part One. As a Life Purpose Coach, it is important to help a client determine what gifts the Holy Spirit has purposely given to them. It may not be … More Gifted, Part Two