Belief System

What I value today doesn’t resemble what I valued in my 20’s when I began adulting! I valued earning money, having stuff and my appearance. I believed how I looked was why people could approach me and found me interesting. I maintained my weight in the 120’s, my hair was always done in the most … More Belief System

A Walk in the Woods

Good Morning! I am sitting in a restaurant in Palanga, Lithuania, watching it rain in the forest. I am the only one here, and well it’s amazing. The wait staff are preparing breakfast and they’ve allowed me to sit, and have brought me a glass of water, since they’re still making the coffee. They speak … More A Walk in the Woods

Ticking Time Bombs

  I’ve been a ticking time bomb with a short wick for most of my life. As a wife, parent, relative, friend and co-worker. I’m not always pleasant to be around and patience has been a learned behavior, it doesn’t come naturally to me. In my previous blog, I talked about characteristic strengths and weaknesses. … More Ticking Time Bombs