The Guilty Person

By Dee Peel My previous message explained how a Life Coach helps a client self-assess the type of person they are. There are four types to choose from, starting with the No-Clue Person I described last week. This message looks at The Guilty Person. Dr. Katie Brazelton, founder of Life Purpose Coaching Centers International, described … More The Guilty Person

The No-Clue Person

By Dee Peel Last weekend, my daughter, Brown-eyed Girl, and Daughter-in-law, Peppermint Patty, were talking about how long we waited to have sex with our husbands. Single-but-seeking Brown-eyed Girl said “he has to put a ring on it first!” My other daughter, Health Nut, waited until her wedding night. Which led to their next question…Mom? … More The No-Clue Person