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  1. You had asked us to respond if we have had any “Outside of Ordinary” events/moments lately. On January 1, 2017 I ventured into a new diet (diet #????) for my health. This has been an extraordinary one because it’s working!!! I have experienced new veggies, Chayote being one of them, and new ways of fixing them. I cannot count on one hand the number of “diets” I’ve tried and wasted time and money on with no results. With this diet I’m in the kitchen a whole lot more (I’m so glad I know my way around it) and am enjoying this new way of life. The bottom line, I’m down 15.8 lbs and 13″ (I get weighed and measured on Tuesday). Yay me! Another benefit is, I’m never hungry. Also, my clothes are getting bigger!

    Love you Lori

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    1. Thanks for sharing…you look great Marilyn…I’m proud of you and impressed by your discipline. Food can be such an adventure. I actually finally found a sushi I liked over the weekend. One thing for sure…there’s always something new to discover. Yay Us!

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