So how are those New Year’s resolutions going? By the grace of God, I’m still faithful to mine. Believe it or not, the hardest one for me, has been letting go of my addictive word puzzle computer game. I had a habit of reverting to the word puzzle game whenever I had down time. … More Habitudes

Sign up now for the upcoming Brave Women’s conference April 7-8!

Please email outsideofordinary.Lori@gmail to sign up for the upcoming Brave conference. Simply type Brave in the subject line and we’ll email a registration form and some additional information. There is no cost to attend, but early birds will receive a discounted price on an extraordinary T-shirt. Feel free to include any questions you might have.

Steppin’ Out

It’s 2017 (breaking news, right). I love beginnings and endings – it’s the stuff in the middle that can weigh me down. My friends all know that I LOVE to finish things. I get a serious rush from knowing something is complete, accomplished, done, clean, organized or put away. Yes, my Christmas decorations are put … More Steppin’ Out