Outside of Ordinary

Any day can be extraordinary when you step outside your circle of expectation


Holiday Season is officially here. I write these words while in my hometown, Rockford, Illinois. I’ve enjoyed the Thanksgiving holiday with my family and longtime friends. I am so thankful for my roots, and all the memories this city holds for me. I laugh that I have to think how to navigate the streets that were once so common to me and yet I marvel that my brain still holds the general maps. I moved away over 25 years ago so with the change in the cityscape and the loss of some brain cells, I feel the challenge. 

I hope that as you meander thru this Christmas season, that your internal navigation system (all your life lessons and hope and promise of the Word of God) see you through the challenges. Shopping, baking, hectic schedules or even the struggles of facing your first holiday alone are not the priority of the season. Choose to draw close to God. Choose to celebrate the birth of the one who offers you all of the BEST gifts:

Hope, Salvation, Grace, Mercy, Love, Peace, Strength, Joy, Understanding

Merry Christmas – I truly hope and pray that your celebration is “Outside of Ordinary”.

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