Outside of Ordinary

Any day can be extraordinary when you step outside your circle of expectation


The 2019 Encouragement Workshop is officially in the history books. What an amazing day of meeting new friends, spending quality one-on-one time with God, being challenged, sharing stories and ENCOURAGING one another…not to mention all the yummy food! I’m so sorry if you were not able to join us. We are sincerely hoping to continue the Workshop series so stay tuned for your next opportunity. However for now, CAPTAIN JOEL IS GETTING MARRIED, and that’s my next
big event. Don’t worry, I’ll still blog over the summer, but I have one son, and he gets married once…and I’m ALL IN – so no events until Sweet Pea Fiancé is officially Favorite Daughter-in-law.

(God, help me find the right dress).

I want to challenge you to switch gears this summer and shake up your routine a little. Summer is a great time to get a different perspective and do a little something OUTSIDE OF ORDINARYMaybe spend more time outside, plant some flower seeds, grab a fun novel, try grilling some new foods. We grilled plantain this week and can I just say YUUUUMMMM! Yes I can. How about a road trip with a friend? Pick a cute little town near you and go have lunch and figure out what people there do for fun. SHAKE IT UP…how about trying a new shake at Sonic on a hot summer night???

I would love to hear about your Outside of Ordinary Adventures – send a picture and a short description to outsideofordinary.lori@gmail.com and you may be featured on my weekly blog!!!
Have a great summer!

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