A Serendipitous Summer 

The Covid virus has put all of us in precarious and uncharted territory. If you’re a “planner” like me you may even feel a bit frustrated. It’s difficult to plan even the smallest adventure when you’re continually faced with “closed” signs or social distancing challenges. However the current changes have also provided an opportunity to be creative – to explore and discover things long forgotten or never considered. 

I, for one am becoming a SERENDIPITIST this summer and I encourage you to join me on my Outside of Ordinary Adventure. In case you’re curious about what you’re signing on to…. 

…a serendipitist is one who finds valuable or agreeable things not sought for. 

We’re talking about unplanned, fortunate discoveries. This happens when we open our hearts and minds to whatever the day presents….or as I always say, when you “ step outside your circle of expectations.” 

I guarantee this summer will be different than we expected, but that can be a good thing. Let’s be intentional about discovering the unexpected. Let’s get creative with our free time and let’s appreciate the time we can spend with family. I’m going to have great adventures with Hero Husband and Ollie 

…wherever we can find them. 

We’re all disappointed that we had to postpone our scheduled September conference…but stay tuned for some Outside of Ordinary opportunities coming YOUR way this Fall! We’ve got the drawing board out! 

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I would love to hear about your Outside of Ordinary Adventures – send a picture and a short description to outsideofordinary.lori@gmail.com and you may be featured on my weekly blog!!!

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